SpeedSkin Peek-Proof Covers for Teaching Typing

Teaching keyboarding to students starting in early elementary school gives them the key to the keyboard. The keyboard is the key to the computer. The computer is the key to communication.

If your keyboards look like this one, order Standard Speedskins.   If your keyboards look like this one, order UltraSlim Speedskins.

UltraSlim Speedskins - Fit all Apple notebooks, most standard notebooks with flat-keys including Chromebooks and some stand-alone, desktop keyboards. (Note: not for mini-notebooks.)

Are you using Chromebooks at your school? If so, order the UltraSlim for Chromebooks..

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--- Speedskin ---
Peek-Proof Keyboarding Instruction Covers
for Classrooms and School Computer Labs

Standard Speedskin - Fits all standard/deep-key, PC/desktop and ApplePro keyboards.

One of our top selling products. Try this covers and watch your students improve their keyboard skills.

• Keyboarding Instruction/Productivity Software
• Early Reading Instruction Keyboard Covers Imprinted with Upper/Lower Case Letters
• Foreign Language Covers for Instruction and Personal Use
• Special Needs Covers for the Visually Impaired, Blind, and Manually Impaired

keyboard cover
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SpeedSkin Covers
MSRP $15.95
The regular price for a SpeedSkin cover is $15.95. Schools automatically qualify for the volume discount price of $10.95.

Do your students watch their fingers as they type? Opaque SpeedSkin keyboard covers accelerate keyboard memorization, and train students to keep their eyes on the screen, not on their fingers. No more keyboard peeking!

  • Requires students to concentrate on touch-typing.
  • Improves keyboard memorization, speed and accuracy.
  • Covers only letter, number and punctuation keys.
  • Format and functions keys remain visible.
  • Easily lifts on and off in one-step as a unit.
  • Home row indicators give a tactile starting place.
  • Bright orange color for easy classroom visibility.
  • Works with any keyboarding instructional software or textbook.
  • Precision, molded, touch-sensitive polyurethane
    (no latex) and one size fits all PC style keyboards.
  • Durable and washable.
  • Embossed dotted cutting line allows ergonomic/natural keyboard fit.
  • Comes with clear plastic storage tray.
  • Teachers require and students request SpeedSkin covers because it meets and exceeds expectations.  It does what it says it does and more.
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Discounted Pricing for Schools
MSRP $15.95
SpeedSkin Standard Cover
(for PC and Apple Pro)
Fits all standard/deep-key, PC/desktop and ApplePro keyboards.
SpeedSkin UltraSlim
(for Apple MacBook Style Keyboards and other ultra-slim keyboards)
Fits: All Apple notebooks most standard notebooks (not mini-laptops) flat-key, stand-alone, desktop keyboards (“ultra-slims”).
Which SpeedSkin is right for you?

Keyboard Type



Standard, stand -- alone



Standard laptop, perpendicular key sides. For Apple keyboards, see below.



Standard laptop, slanted key sides



Chromebook, ultra-slim  

Laptop, ultra-slim






   Older ApplePro



   iMac, early generation



   iMac, aluminum/sleek/ultra-slim



   G4 iMac, deep key/stand-alone



   G5 iMac, deep key/stand-alone



   G4 iBook laptop



   MacBookPro laptop, ultra-slim



   MacBook laptop, ultra-slim



   MacBook Air laptop



Dell 110L laptop for little fingers



SpeedSkin Keyboarding Posters and Reference Cards

Keyboarding Posters
Keyboarding Posters Provide a Keyboard layout reference; Fingering position; Correct keyboard position; and Ergonomic keyboarding posture.

Keyboarding Reference Cards
Placed on a student’s desk these cards accomplish reading & keyboarding goals such as allowing early readers, special needs students, and ESL students can see the relationship between upper and lower-case letters in the computer keyboard configuration.

SpeedSkin Keyboarding Large Poster
SpeedSkin Keyboarding Small Poster
SpeedSkin Keyboarding Reference Cards
(10 per pack)
SpeedSkin Reading Readiness & Language Cover
Standard SpeedSkin Bundle
(35 Covers & 1 Large Poster)

SpeedSkin’s Foreign Language Keyboard Conversion Covers
Language Conversion Covers Unlock the Foreign Language Power in Your Computer...
  • Did you know that a foreign language can easily be added to your desktop? AND that with the click of your mouse, you can toggle between English and any other language you choose?
  • There are over 100 foreign languages available in Windows Operating System and over 40 in Macintosh Operating System.
  • Did you know that if you choose one of these foreign languages, you would need a whole new keyboard because your keyboard would no longer match the language you selected?
  • There is a better solution.

Now, you can easily input text in any language of your choice in two easy steps:

  1. Choose a specific language from your computer operating system.
  2. Place a cover imprinted with your chosen language over your keyboard.

Using a language-conversion cover, you can easily convert your computer from one language to another just by placing the cover over your keyboard that matches the language you have chosen from your operating system. Thus you have converted your home language keyboard to one of many languages of your choice.

Language Conversion covers are available imprinted on either SPEEDSKIN for use on standard PC keyboards and UltraSlim for use on shallow/laptop-style keyboards (iBook or other portable keyboards and most laptops).

Specific instructions for computer operating system conversion comes with each language keyboard cover you order.

Standard Languages include: English, French, German, Hebrew, Russian, and Spanish.

Hebrew Edition $25.95
French Edition $25.95
German Edition $25.95
Russian Edition $25.95
Spanish Edition $25.95
Arabic 101 Edition $29.95
Arabic 102 Edition $29.95 ( i-Skin )
  Special Needs  

English Large Print $25.95

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