Read, Write and Type!
  • Revolutionary reading software that includes phonics, spelling, keyboarding and word processing!

  • Special features for students with learning disabilities (LD), reading difficulties, or learning English as a second language (ESL)

  • Research-proven! Boosts reading scores significantly!

  • Easy-to-use reading software, assessment software and engaging materials for learning to read and teaching reading!

  • School Licenses Are Available • Please call for details: (800) 336-1022.

  • Children learn to hear the individual sounds in words, and associate each sound with a letter and a fingerstroke on the keyboard.
  • Children use their eyes, ears, mouths, and fingers. This multi-sensory and motor approach stimulates learning and helps children who have different learning styles.
  • Children develop fluency by making thousands of letter-sound (phonics) associations.
  • Children are engaged and motivated by the colorful characters, games, animations, and music.

Read, Write and Type • CD Home Edition